Nessa Rig

Perry Leijten
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=== license

All resources included in this package (including but not limited to the 3D model,

geometry, textures, renders, documents, rig, plugins and tools) are licensed to be used for personal educational use only.

Game Freak holds all rights to Nessa and the Pokemon franchise, therefor this product cannot be sold or used outside of personal projects

=== creators

model: Adam Esat,

rig: Perry Leijten,

=== version info
- updated textures, added dynamax band, sticker on the arm + skinweigth fixes

=== install plugins

please add the plugin for your maya version to the correct folder before loading the rig.

in the plugins folder included with this rig you will find folders corresponding to certain maya versions,

locate the folder with the same version as the maya you will be using

for windows: RigSystem.mll

for OSX: RigSystem.bundle

On Windows, the default plug-in location is:

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya<version>\bin\plug-ins

On Mac OS X, the default locations are:

/Applications/Autodesk/maya<version>/ and


(Maya checks both of these locations for valid plug-ins.)

before opening the rig in the scene, these plugins need to be loaded

in maya main menubar go to: windows > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager

if the plugin is places in the correct folder you can search for RigSystem.mll(.bundle/.os) and it will be listed, if not make sure the plugin is in the correct folder

you can also browse for the plugin using "browse"

the plugin needs to be "Loaded" for it to work, use "Auto load" for the plugin to be automatically loaded next time you start Maya.

now you can open the rig without problem

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Nessa Rig

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