Maya Skinning tools v5

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# SkinningTools
maya 2017+
windows/ osx/ linux

refactor of the original skinning tools

# launch & install

drag and drop the mel file into the maya window, it will open a dialog in which you can start to install the skinningtools
after the intaller is complete, restart maya and use this `python` command to open the window:

import SkinningTools

myWindow = SkinningTools.tool()

there have been problems building the plugin on OSX and LINUX for maya 2024
the plugin has been build for WINDOWS.
if you have knowledge on building plugins feel free to try from here:


# tooltips
since the tooltips are Gifs, and take up quite some space while gumroad does not allow for big files these will be downloaded automatically. in some cases this does not work so you can find the tooltips here:

make sure that these are unpacked in the SkinningTools/Maya/tooltips directory

# Authors
* Robert Joosten;

* Mio Zwickl;

* Rodolphe Vaillant;

* Trevor van Hoof;

* Jan Pijpers;

* Perry Leijten;

# versions:
* 5.0.20220331:
added plugins for maya 2023

* 5.0.20210921:
fixed marking menu error with f9, f10,f11 component switching
added new settings menu for ui element scaling (to fix maya problems with 4k+ monitors)
added settings element to change search distance of bone under mouse with marking menu

* 5.0.20210914:

updated marking menu to only work when selecting components
added new functions to vertex weight matchter for closest vertex weigh transfer

* 5.0.20210617:

note: might need to start up the tool 2x in the first run for the languages to be properly updated

fixed update on skinsliders

double-click on control sliders opens float edit

unify shells has new function: select 1 vertex of the shell and the entire shell gets the same value

sped up vertex weight matcher

fixed kdtree functionality on python3

and more small fixes

* 5.0.20210514:

fixed installer for python 3 compatibility

* 5.0.20210325:

added support for python 3( maya 2022)

build plugins for maya 2022
added repeat last functionality to the marking menu operations

* 5.0.20210219:
added 2 new tools
fixed enhanced tooltips not closing properly

* 5.0.20210213:
update on marking menu as some instances in maya did not convert widgets properly to QGraphicsProxyWidget, making it not able to find the correct widget to acces the functions

* 5.0.20210212:
fixed some small typos in progressbar
updated api documentation
fixed download tooltips (if the download is broken during install it will continue install and request download later)

# extra packages:

* kdTree

Author: Matej Drame
License: MIT license

* Controls sliders
Author: Daniele Niero;
License: GNU license

* paint skin weight pickwalking
Author: Ryan Porter;

* pyprof2calltree
Author: David Allouche
Licences: Freeware(MIT)

* google_trans_new
Author: LuShan
Licences: Freeware(MIT)

* requests
Author: Kenneth Reitz
Licences: Apache 2.0

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Maya Skinning tools v5

127 ratings
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